Due Diligence & Background Investigation of employees, vendors & business promoters- Reality vs Need
Posted on Sep 13, 2022

The increase in cross-border employees, business partners, stakeholders, vendors and labour force questions the existing due diligence process followed in hiring or onboarding or conducting any business transaction, and necessitates a comprehensive human-intelligence led investigative due diligence to expedite decisions, minimize risk and avoid legal implications. 

The most normally directed checks currently incorporate exploring a person's previous training and work history, checking proficient references and criminal records checks, contingent upon the business and position. Most geographies have no legislation that prohibits companies performing background checks, executive screening or due diligence into individuals or companies as long as you adhere to the local laws that govern privacy.

Challenges faced by employers in the Asian economies

With screening being a later improvement and less far reaching than in numerous European nations, it can at times be hard to get reactions to check data at source. Due diligence might take more time than the American or European counterparts, so people generally oversee the verification part. Moreover, much information should actually be confirmed by verifying the data by going physically at source, for instance criminal checks at a nearby town which is challenging. 

How does Due Diligence help business?

An investigative Due Diligence is required by investors, HR, lawyers, insolvency resolution professionals and business owners to assess the integrity of the subject identity. Multiple checks are done to identify background information and records, financial status, hidden assets, adverse litigation, social media footprints, political exposure, bankruptcies, regulatory red flags and any other issues of material concern.

  • Employment Screening for hiring

  • Taking action against wrongdoers

  • Employee/vendor/partner

  • Franchise/Vendor Onboarding

  • Partnerships & Agreements

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Litigations

Due Diligence is helpful in making the following business decisions:

  • Open source intelligence about suspects to build and verify their profile to identify their family and personal information.

  • Verification through public records and other discreet sources about their professional and personal associations.

  • Analysis of corporate records about the subject directors and the related persons and entities.

  • Discreet pretext inquiries with associates, relevant acquaintances, previous and current employees/partners/stakeholders or any other relations, to profile the target.

  • Discreet inquiries with well placed sources to ascertain political exposure, alliances, associations and affiliations

  • Mapping the social media profile through exhaustive analysis of social media footprints.

  • Understanding the lifestyle, general reputation and social standing of the target.


Integrity Score by Intelaw

  • Technology enabled dynamic score computation

  • Aggregate weighted matrix of 69 checkpoints

  • Provides elimination and selection criteria for recruiters

  • Enables profitable decision making

  • Covering wide range of standard and enhanced background and integrity checks

  • Human Intelligence and Market Intelligence incorporated

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